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Membership Requirements

Individual:  An individual member must purchase at least $200 of equity. Paid individual members are entitled to one vote. 


Family Farms: A family farm is considered more than one person who is engaged in the “business” of agricultural farming.  A family farm shall be considered as one unit and must purchase at least $200 of equity.  Paid family farms, which is considered one unit regardless of the number of family members are entitled to one vote.

Corporations: Equity for corporate entities is based on assets (see table below) Each entity has one vote.



Familiarize yourself with the bylaws of 2020 Farmers Cooperative and your rights and responsibilities as a member.

Fill out ALL the appropriate sections of the membership application.  Corporate applicants fill out the top sections; individual and family applicants fill out the bottom sections.

Email or mail the signed application and the equity payment to the address below.  Corporate entities provide a copy of your most recent financial reports along with the appropriate equity payment to the address below.


P.O. Box 627

Nathalie, Virginia 25477

Once we receive your application (and equity payment) and it has been approved by the 2020 Farmers Cooperative Board of Directors you will receive an acknowledgment from us.  For membership information, please send an email to for more information on 2020 Farmers Cooperative or please visit our website at:

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