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Our founders had the idea that black farmers should be treated fairly and equitably when providing farming and ranching products. Black and socially disadvantaged smaller farmers can maintain and sustain productive farms.  It’s an idea as radical today as it was 400 years ago.

We Started in 2020 With
Just Seven Farmers

Black Farmers In America

Farming differently

2020 isn’t a giant industrial farming corporation. We’re a cooperative of farmers across the country who share the same commitment to maintaining and sustaining black farms. We’re not driven by profits; we’re driven by principles.


Why a Cooperative

There are lots of different kinds of cooperatives, but they’re all built around the idea that the best way to change things is to work together. Our cooperative is made up of black and social disadvantage farmers across the country, all pooling their passion and resources to bring sustainable products and food to the tables of people across the country.


We are growing and need you to help run and own a piece of the company.

Currently, Black farmers comprise only 49,000 farms across the U.S. compared to early 20th century where they comprised more than a million farmers. Black Farmers land ownership has dropped from more than 41 million acres to a mere 4 million acres. Since 1960, big corporations have taken over more than 600,000 family-owned farms. And when shareholders of those big companies demand higher profits every year, black farmers get squeezed to produce more for less pay. But at 2020 Farmers Cooperative, it’s our company, so every farmer maintains, sustains and earns a fair living.

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