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Benefits of becoming a member of 2020 Farmers Cooperative:
Members enjoy Access to low interest loans, Training/Technical Expertise, discounts on supplies and or/equipment, Exclusive Q&A with industry experts, Advocacy and support for underserved farmers, Empowering Newsletter, Access to collaborative grant opportunities, Discounted and free access to educational events and conferences. There are always more benefits being customized to meet the needs of our members and our ever changing climate and industry of agriculture.
                                                                                                                        Apply below

Does your farm have waterways?
Farm Size/Acres
Do you own or lease your farm?
How many years have you been farming?
Types of crops grown in the last three years?
Would you or have you participated in a Local CSA Program?
Have you ever participated in farmers market?
Currently have contracts for your produce or livestock?
Do you currently have a Hemp license for growing, transporting or selling?
Choose Membership Level

Welcome to 2020 Farmers Cooperative!

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